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CDG has been installing cisterns for years and we are excited that the city of Raleigh has provided a financial incentive to invest in renewable water.  Benefits of installing cisterns include:

  • Savings on your water bill by using rainwater instead of drinking water for irrigation, toilets, and showers. 

  • Relief from drainage problems and basement flooding issues by efficiently collecting and containing roof runoff.

  • A reduction in stormwater runoff from your property, which reduces the amount of sediment and other pollutants that would be washed away with the runoff into nearby storm drains and local streams.

The city of Raleigh has implemented the progressive Rainwater Rewards program which reimburses 75-90% of the cost of your cistern and installation. Contact us to set up a phone consultation. 

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CDG has the experience and can walk you through the installation process. Putting in an underground cistern preserves the amount of usable lawn while still offering a stormwater drainage solution that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the owner.



An above ground cistern will usually have a lower cost than a below ground installation. There are different material options that can camoflauge or visually integrate your cistern with your property.

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