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Creative Pool Patios. Design and Build.
Authorized Dealer of Imagine Pools and Soake Pools

We design more than just the pool

Pool companies sell pools. We sell you the total package.

We understand how difficult it can be to find one solution for all of your outdoor build needs. Pool builders aren't landscape designers. We take into account drainage, topography and all the other elements in your design to ensure we approach construction in the smartest way possible. We aim to save you money and time while delivering the backyard of your dreams. We can do this because CDG is composed of a team of designers and craftsmen that can bring any vision to life. We are different in that way. From 3D design to final product, out team is on site executing every step. 

As an authorized dealer of fiberglass Imagine Pools and concrete Soake Pools, we have the relationships and experience to get you into the pool that best fits your needs at the right price.

Concrete vs Fiberglass Pools

Imagine Pools swimming pools are manufactured under strict factory controlled conditions using only top of the line components. Under the gelcoat surface lies premium quality Vinyl Ester Resin and fiberglass, layered around a durability-reinforcing Centurion Core. 


Imagine pools requires far less maintenance than traditional options. The smooth gelcoat finish is non-abrasive, providing little to no spaces for algae to grow so fewer chemicals are necessary to maintain proper water balance. Fiberglass pools require only around 30 minutes of upkeep each week, and never need to be drained, replaced or resurfaced.

Soake Pools are hand tiled pre-cast concrete plunge pools that are delivered to your property ready for quick installation —saving you time, money, and the messy on-site manufacturing of a traditional pool. They come in several sizes and offer some customization.

Once installed, Soake Pools combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, offering year-round enjoyment. Plus their smaller size allows them to be more energy-efficient, use less water, require very few chemicals.


Quick Install Pricing

We want to take the guesswork out of your pool research.
Our most popular pool pricing below represents turnkey basic install of:
pool, all equipment needed, and a 550 sq ft high end concrete patio (minimal grading)

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Ready to start the process?

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