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Let us design and build your dream staycation

We design more than just the pool

Pool companies sell pools. We sell you the total package.

We understand how difficult it can be to find one solution for all of your outdoor build needs. Pool builders aren't landscape designers. We take into account drainage, topography and all the other elements in your design to ensure we approach construction in the smartest way possible. We aim to save you money and time while delivering the backyard of your dreams. We can do this because CDG is composed of a team of designers and craftsman that can bring any vision to life. We are different in that way. From 3D design to final product, out team is on site executing every step. 

Plunge Pool vs Traditional Pool


Trying to determine which pool is right for you can be daunting. Plunge pools have become increasingly popular for the ease of install and low maintenance. As an authorized partner and preferred installer for Soake Pools, we can break down in detail what to expect both in cost and timeline.

Traditional concrete and fiberglass pools are also a great option if you desire more room. We can help you determine what type of pool will give you the most bang for your dollar in your specific yard. Regardless of your pool choice, our design team will create a space for you that delivers that wow factor.


Let's work together!

508 S. Person St. Unit 207

Raleigh, NC  27601


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