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Stormwater drainage and harvesting

Stormwater management may seem like an unnecessary and unwanted cost to construction projects or property ownership and management.

In truth you can't afford not investing in an effective stormwater design.It affects every aspect of your development investment. 

It affects where we live and play. It affects our marine-based food supply. It affects our water supply. The City of Raleigh recognizes the importance of a healthy stormwater system and has implemented a generous program to defray the costs of several stormwater management systems. We have worked closely with the city of Raleigh and can help maximize your reimbursement on your customized drainage solution.



Stormwater Management Done Right


1. Rooftop Rainwater Runoff. We have detailed calculations to understand how much runoff we can predict for your building over a one year period.

2. Parking lots experiece a rainwater runoff rate of 95%. With proper large particle filtration this water can be recaptured.

3. Landscaped area experience rainwater at different rates. Clay soils can expect a runoff rate of 35%


1. Irrigation:  Landscaping will often have the greatest water demand.  Landscaping choices can greatly impact that demand. The use of drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation practices, and implementation of rain gardens or dry creeks can greatly impact your ROI. 

2. Non-potable Water: Filtration systems are required for indoor non-potable water. The economics of whether or not to pursue indoor non-potable water use needs to be assessed on a project by project based on your ROI objectives. 

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