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CDG provides many options for retaining walls. From classic to modern, we have experience creating retaining walls that you can depend on. Our drainage expertise means that you can rely on us to build a wall that stands the test of time. Hydrostatic pressure is the leading factor leading to retaining wall failure. We take into account the proper channeling of stormwater for each of our projects.

Lawn Strip


Grading not only allows you to have more usable outdoor space but also plays a central role in the drainage of water from your property. In a perfect world your landscaping will feature a 2-5% downward grade away from your home. This allows all the water that falls on your roof and on your property to move away from your home while also effectively draining your landscaping. While 2-5% is ideal it is not always possible. Not to worry, CDG can design custom drainage solutions for any stormwater problem. 

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